The Head

The guillotine is the masterpiece of plastic art
Its click
Creates perpetual motion
Everyone knows about Christopher Columbus’ egg
Which was a flat egg, a fixed egg, the egg of an inventor
Archipenko’s sculpture is the first ovoidal egg
Held in intense equilibrium
Like an immobile top
On its animated point
It throws off
Multicolored waves
Color zones
And turns in depth


Telegraph Line

Down in the valley you see that telegraph line whose rectilinear path cuts through the forest on the mountain across the way
All the poles are made of iron
When they were put in they were made of wood
At the end of three months they grew branches
So they were pulled up tumed over and replanted head down roots in the air
At the end of three months they grew new branches again they took root and began to live again
They had to be pulled up all of them and in order to re-establish a new line iron poles had to be brought in from Pittsburgh at great expense