Born in Brooklyn, Jane Freilicher began her activity as a painter while still at school. Her training included several years of study at Brooklyn College (B.A., 1947) and Columbia University (M.A., 1949) and, more important, a period of work under Hans Hofmann, to whom she feels, like so many of his former students, a great debt. Although the complex temperament of her painting prevents its being assigned to a single movement or group, she has been associated with the so-called New York School, particularly with the “second generation” of abstract expressionists. It should be pointed out that while abstractionism has entered her work to varying degrees and influenced many aspects of it, she has never at any point abandoned subject matter entirely. The subjects she most frequently chooses are the traditional ones of nude, still life and landscape. Their treatment in these drawings is especially interesting in its illumination of the graphic quality of her art, something from which, in her paintings, attention is apt to be distracted by their sumptuous and subtle deployment of color.

Miss Freilicher has spent most of her life in New York City and Water Mill, Long Island, except for brief trips abroad. Since 1952 she has shown at the Tibor de Nagy Gallery; her latest one-man exhibition was in November 1965. Last summer her paintings were seen in the exhibition of landscape painting sponsored by the New York Museum of Modern Art at the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds.