from the grain

of the forest bought
and condemned

sketched bond
in the rockmass

the earthquake sought
and threw


Sending love: Molly sends it
Ivan sends it, Kaori

sends it to Brian, Irina sends it
on pale green aerograms Abena sends it

to Charlie and to Joséphine
Anuro sends it, Naomi sends it

Lourdes sends it to Naoual
Walter sends it to Arlene

Habib sends it, Vashti
floats it to Eqbal in a paper plane

Bored in the meeting, on a postcard
Y oel scribbles it to Gerhard

Reza on his e-mail
finds it waiting from Patricia

Mario and Elsie
send it to Francísco

Karolina sends it monthly
home with a money order

June seals it with a kiss to Dahlia
Mai sends it, Montserrat

scrawls it to Faíz on a memo
Lenny wires it with roses

to Lew who takes it on his
whispery breath, Julia sends it

loud and clear, Dagmar brailles it
to Maureen, María Christina

sends it, Meena and Moshe send it
Patrick and Max are always

sending it back and fonh
and even Shirley, even George

are found late after closing
sending it, sending it


Sending love is harmless
doesn't bind you    can't make you sick

sending love's expected
precipitous and wary

sending love can be carefree
Joaquin knew it, Eira knows it

sending love without heart
—well, people do that daily


Terrence years ago
closed the window, silent

Grace who always laughed is leaning
her cheek against bulletproof glass

her tears enlarged
like scars on a planet

Vivian hangs her raincoat
on a hook, turns to the classroom

her love entirely
there, supreme

Victor fixes his lens
on disappearing faces

—caught now or who will ever
see them again?