Genghis Khan me, you midnight plantation!
Dark blue birch trees, sound in my ear!
Zarathuse me, you twilight horizons!
Mozarticulate me, dark blue sky!
Goya, gloaming, glooming!
Rops, you of midnight clouds!
But the storm of smiles vanishes
In cackling and the shock of claws
and leaves me to outface the hangman.
To brave the stillness of the night.
I summoned up you barefaced insolents,
From rivers made the drowned girls rise.
Their flowering cry—rosemary, remembrance —
Reverberant in the sails of the night.
Again earth’s axis splashes round.
Brings on the overwhelming evening.
I dreamed I saw a salmon-girl
Beneath a midnight waterfall.
Let storm-drenched pines make Mamai-monsters
Beneath the Batu-beating clouds:
Words come on, like Cain to silences,
And all this sacred stillness dies.
And to stone entertainment with heavy foot-fall
Comes heaven-blue Hasdrubal, henchmen and all.