Gleaming in Monday evening candlelight,
Glass and plate and conversation and good
Fortune then unacknowledged even by
Recognition that it dwelt among us …

We were unencumbered then by the likes
Of hope—a childish thing yet put away
Childishly, or standing in some closet
Shadow like a deceased grandfather's crutch—

Or by the likes of an appraiser's eye
Or hand that might take the measure of all
The wealth of fragilities shadowing
Our years of shining moments then, as if

Someone's hard-edged gold had been laundered and
Smelted, sublimated into golden
Soft light reflected in the faces, the
Wide-eyed minds of such a jeunesse dorée

—George Kateb Stanley Cavell Geoffrey Bush
Noam Chomsky Ed Wilson Marvin Minsky
Marshall Cohen Burt Dreben Ken Keniston
Paul de Man Jaakko Hintikka George Field

Abe Klein Henry Rosovsky Jaan Puhvel
Cal Watkins Steele Commager Frank Pipkin
Jim Kritzeck—and, giving higher light than
Candles, the peculiar lux veritas

Emanates when puzzled at, Renato
Poggioli Harry Levin Crane Brinton
Arthur Darby Nock Van Quine Ed Purcell
Ubi sunt quae ante nos—ubi sumus?

Well, here—wherever that is. And now. Still
Remembering how clueless we were then,
All our tomorrows in the candlelight
hidden (although the hints in rhymed jingle