Bring back the all-girls boarding schools for pedigreed girls
Where, morning and night, girls dressed and undressed.
Luxurious lawns and trees rode to hounds.
Horses the girls owned waited in padded stalls.

Think of the cold showers these aristocrats took.
Think of the dorm-room mirrors which sometimes saw
A cold girl lying on top of a warm girl
While a pretty girl with a pimply face on her bed on her back watched.

Have two rules, Miss Charlotte said: 
Hard, good work and much fun.
She was addressing two favorites, Grits and little Bun-Bun.
There was gymkhana and dressage and raising the flag and French.

Keep up with the times, Miss Charlotte said. Don’t be narrow.
Pile up on traditions and remember,
With God all things are possible.
On, on, with Foxcroft. Dare not let her die.