If your name is on the list of judgesyou’re one of themthough you fought their hardeningassumptions      went and stoodalone at the window while theyconcurredIt wasn't enough to hold your singularminority opinionyou had to face the three bridgesdown the riveryour old ambitionsflamboyant in bloodstained mist

You had to carry off under armand write up in perfect lonelinessyour soul-splitting dissent

Yes, I know a soul can be partitioned like a countryIn all the new inhere old judgmentsloyalties crumbling send up sparks and smokeWe want to be part of the future dragging inwhat pure futurity can’t use

suddenly a narrow street a little beach a little centuryscreams    Don't let me go

Don't let me die do you forgetwhat we were to each other