Winter. Late January
afternoon. Night falls fast.
You think I should know this

by now. I am just
not feeling it the joy
I should be feeling—

the joy we are supposed
to feel                we
who are alive!

Life! Life!
Well. My preferred pronouns
are we and we and I

sink into the self                
at my risk. Our
s. O dialectic!

Lyric, society,
plurality, yo.
O the ’90s!

Here are the hemlocks
stern as Adorno,
thrusting into the fading blue.

A dust of snow
shook down on me.
We are within hearing

of traffic. Within
sight of a latrine
autocorrected just now

to Latina.
Is it my software
or me that’s racist?

The difference?
The difference
is spreading

said Stein not Einstein
though she thought
herself an equal