“I Saw A Leaf. .. ”

I saw a leaf flying in the opposite direction from the ground but there was no wind. Now how could that be, I asked myself. It was a dead leaf, shriveled and brittle looking, one of the many hundreds that were dropping to the ground all around me from off the trees in the woods beside my house. Puzzled for an explanation, thinking perhaps an updraft had caught the leaf and sailed it into the sky, I watched it grow smaller and smaller to the eye, and soon I could not make it out at all. I shrugged and entered my house and closed the door be-hind me. I could imagine the house beginning to take off too and I sat down as if to pin it to the ground, and as I seated myself there was a short tapping on the door. I was expecting company. I approached and opened the door. A single leaf lay on the doorstep at my feet.